Sunday, 27 May 2012


Bring the 'Man' out

This is quite an effective and convincing way to present something. It shows the evolution of man in five minutes. If we have a closer look it is mentions the time. It is assumed that even a monkey can turn to a man with that particular razor. It is at the same time funny and convincing as the message is delivered effectively. I must say there is a resemblance.



Why are women seen as the weakest when she gives life?
This immoral thinking. This picture is like really the dream of every women as they only know this pain of delivering a child. We should respect women. All I wanted to show is that men should have live the life of a woman at least once to know how it is difficult and not look down upon them. 


Gender is ideological and invests with them with cultural meanings. Ideas of gender offer themselves to us as natural and timeless but are in fact a product of history. When this topic is brought forward, we come across may contradictions which later results to gender discrimination. As we live  in a male dominating world, women are considered as the weaker sex. It is believed that a real mother is someone who should not work. This has been such since years ago. So in a way women have always been seen inferior to men. Thus, everything can be imposed on them.

This picture is a duck but in a woman posture. This is discriminating as women are being compared to animals. At some point it may seem funny but it is not a proper thing to do. Women cannot be ridiculed this way. They some kind of made a joke out of women. They should respect women and treat everyone equally. 

Playing with the imagination

     " It doesn't matter what you see. "

This ad is hilarious. It is full of ambiguity. For namesake, it is a beer ad but it actually shows something else. 

" It doesn't matter what you see. What's important is what it is. What's important is the beer. "

It talks about the beer but wants us to see something else. People will easily notice that this ad is showing a hand trying to grab a breast. This is the image which is being projected and that was the only aim. Much emphasis is laid on the bigger image of the mug which looks like a breast and the full picture is in a corner of the ad; really small. It is a double-meaning ad and again the sexual connotation is present. Even the message is indicating us to stare at the 'breast.' 


Media often diverts the mind; in either a good or bad way. Big billboards everywhere can have adverse effect. It is a good way to pass messages to people. It is quick view but still lots to know. It can also have an opposite effect. 

This ad made me laugh actually. If we take a closer look, we can see a van crushed against the wall. The billboard is about an auto glass repair ad. This is quite an effective way to advert though; putting the picture of a sexy half;naked woman to attract the attention of the men driving this way, grabbing their full attention through the help of the woman which will make them look at the billboard rather than concentrating on their way and finally bump into some wall or tree. This will increase the number of clients. Interesting concept ;)

Code of sexual attraction

Sometimes the element of sex is propagated in order to attract the attention of people. This is quite a bad thing. Some ads are really R-rated. It is not good for people to be exposed to such things; especially children. This will have a bad impact on those children who are exposed to such things. That is why many ads have been banned. There were even ads which are full of vulgarity which can divert the mind of people. 

This is a pefume ad. It is a very sensual one. It seems as if the woman in there is having some kind of orgasm. I actually do not get it; what's the point of putting so much seduction in it. It is only a perfume ad. I do not see what relates the perfume to 'seduction.' This may have effect on people. They will get every sort of ideas coming to their mind; bad and good which has mininum chances of giving good ideas. This is quite provocative though. 

Superficiality, Fakeness, Misconception...?

Superficiality is a common thing in the media-world. It the way people are presented which actually is not a real representation of them or a modified version. Taking magazine covers as an example everyone looks good and it is only the outer part of the people being projected; especially with celebrities. They are presented in such a way that everyone would laud and praise them. 

A picture of the famous Kim Kardashian's picture and how she is presented in front of the audience:

Well that is what is called an awesome picture. She looks perfect and so beautiful.

Do you want a glimpse of what her real feature is? How she look in reality? So, here is another picture of her.

This is the 'real' her. 

Would you say that it is the same person? Never. She seems so different in reality. This caught my eye the moment I came across this picture.

All this only to show how fake media can be at times. People are presented in a modified way. The pictures are edited. This is distortion of reality. It not only applies for pictures but also for published things. News also are hideous as not everything is exposed. There are things which are seen as tabous for the society, thus, they again provide a distorted news.